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Driven to educate and facilitate positive change, I offer inspiring keynote speeches, personalised presentations, half and full day workshops. My audiences have included schools, health organisations, business conferences, sports clubs, parent groups and charities. 


My clients are empowered to achieve holistic, sustainable benefits in line with their personal goals. As their own light shines, they create a ripple effect which lifts and inspires those around them.

Physical & Mental Health
Educational Therapy

Our physical and mental health are fundamental to both our quality and quantity of life. I believe that the best medicine is to teach people how not to need it, and if they do need it to feel empowered in the process of seeking and engaging with the care they receive.

I welcome the opportunity to work with groups of people to build healthful foundations that support optimal physical and mental wellness. Through quality education, I support my clients to create conscious, healthful habits that integrate structural, nutritional, psychological and environmental resources for optimal outcomes.

The process of learning is complex and requires adaptability at the level of the central nervous system. Deficits in our ability to learn and moderate our behaviour often indicate dysfunction in the sensory system. My integrated approach to learning enhancement and brain integration involves the primitive reflexes, left/ right/ top/ bottom brain integration, emotional regulation and multisensory learning strategies to improve the neurobiology of learning and behaviour. This results in better educational outcomes for people with autism, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia and behavioural disorders and enhances learning for all.

Business & Sports Performance

Our willingness, capacity and opportunity to perform require awareness and dynamic balance and integration of all aspects of ourselves in order to induce a state of flow. Our core motivators, values, sense of purpose and  contribution combine with the health of our bodies, relationships and environment to determine our performance outcomes. I educate athletes and business professionals to draw on their talent and passions in all aspects of their life and to know when to adjust their point of focus to bring their best selves to the task at hand. I will work with your team to enhance the overall health, vibrancy and productivity of the organisation, improve focus, adaptability, resilience and respectful communication for sustainable growth and success.

Catalyst Kinect 

Catalyst Kinect is my personal challenge with a humanitarian goal.

In alignment with my mission to improve the health, happiness and success of as many people as possible, I have set myself the challenge of participating in a different charity, fundraising or philanthropic event every week for the year 2018. The goal is to support local and global organisations who are making a positive difference to the lives of those experiencing hardship. Each event I am involved in will be shared via my Catalyst Kinect blog to encourage others to get involved and to celebrate the good that people are doing to bring relief, compassion and unity to the world.  

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