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Luella Cochrane
Founder, Speaker & Consultant
Knowledge is power and every new learning brings new opportunities and a greater capacity for compassion and understanding, both for ourselves and for others.
I am passionate about drawing links between six fundamental aspects of life, as I appreciate the innate connections that exist within and between these parts or ourselves. I celebrate kindness, courage, equality, positive contribution, dynamic balance and well being and am committed to supporting others to realise their true potential and live their best lives possible.

"The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts" is a simple philosophy with potent application. Traditional therapies have long advocated the mind/ body connection. Doctors are now beginning to recognise the role of nutrition and gut health in mental wellness. Behavioural and educational specialists understand the impact of family dynamics on a child's ability to thrive. Performance Coaches recognise the importance of clear communication strategies as well as physical health practices in order to support best outcomes in sport, business and relationships. 

With foundations in Kinesiology, Sport and Performance Psychology, Nutrition and Educational Therapy, I have created Strength Resources to educate people about the critical integration of mind, body, spirit, community, environment and identity. When these individual aspects are strengthened as well as the links between them, something magic happens- we unleash a vibrancy that allows us to fully engage with, enhance and benefit from our ultimate health and success.

The mission of Strength Resources is twofold- to honour individuality and diversity, and to weave together our seemingly separate 'parts' to optimise the rich tapestry that sustains all of life.

Thank you for joining me.

Luella Cochrane and Ndaba Mandela share the stage in Johannesburg
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