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I am committed to enhancing individual, organisational and global health, happiness and success. I draw together diverse concepts from Kinesiology, Performance Psychology, Nutrition and Educational Therapies to create holistic, sustainable solutions that empower and connect you to your greatest potential.

My core sectors of expertise are physical and mental health, educational therapy and business and sports performance. I also love contributing to social and environmental awareness and advocacy campaigns and will be supporting a range of organisations through my upcoming Catalyst Kinect project.

Physical and Mental Health

Integrated solutions to common conditions including anxiety, depression, chronic pain, allergies and more.

Educational Therapy 

Enhanced learning outcomes through innovative mind/ body practices that support behaviour and cognition.

Business & Sport Performance 

Improved focus, motivation, communication, job satisfaction, team integration and positive leadership practices.

In 2018 I will be launching the Catalyst Kinect project - a challenge to participate in a different charity, fundraising or philanthropic event every week of the year. The goal is to support and celebrate people who are dedicating their time and energy to making the world a better place by helping those in need and. I will be writing a blog about my adventures with the intention of inspiring others to get involved in the amazing opportunities to make a positive difference in the world.

Please contact me if you have a social/ humanitarian or environmental cause with an event that you think I may be willing and able to  participate in. Just fill in the contact form blow with "Catalyst Kinect" in the subject line. You can also support the project by following me at or click on the link above.

Thank you! 

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